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before visit to iphone store in pune, check broken or unworking iPhone resale value for free, oppositely looking to upgrade your new phone in favor your old iPhone, you should check our offers, Krishna online store, we deal in used phones, you be capable of sell used iPhone for cash with free pickup service, hassle-free process.

apple iPhone store in pune
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iphone store in pune

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thereupon why we should sell broken i phone:-

when we want to get repair iPhone, the spare part prices are really high, on other hands if their is error in functioning service centre suggest to change motherboard, more than that if going to local repair shops, shop owners or technicians change combo and display, along with its touch functionality will be 85% ( lost 15 % touch and brightness quality ) the touch feel or we can say charm of touch we lost in changed repaired iPhone, so its vice decision to sell broken or faulty iPhone.

25% more excellent resale offers on used iPhone :-

as compared to apple showroom and other exchangers like Croma, Vijay sales, Flipkart mobile exchange offers, ETC , we bring about 25% more, forasmuch as they not directly connected to recycle business foresaid only want to sell their new device in order to increase their sale, foresaid provide service to change your old mobile, on every deal with in exchange they get their own service charges in reverse you can say profit of rupees 400-1500 per mobile.


Better Deals On Broken iPhone As Compare to iphone store in pune:-

we will give better resale value on broken iphone, iphone 5s, iphone 6, iphone 7 and all iphones.

iPhone repair service at the low price:-

anyone interested in iPhone repair service, such as screen glass replacement, touch replacement, display replacement, mike repair, speaker repair, charging repair, battery replacement, can contact us for its repair charges, real-time mobile repair quote.

New iPhone Price Details :

Access price detail for new iPhones in Pune :- such as iPhone 6S, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone x, with any variant , our recommendation check prices deriving out from "mobile cafe" showroom in pimpri and "jai mobile" showroom in Pimpri, letter we will update more shops here to find iPhone price.

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Mobile Repair

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